Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Benchwarmer Porter, Cooperstown Brewing Company

Unfortunately, I haven't yet found this beer in a package store near me but when I head back to my in-laws near Cooperstown, I make sure I pick some up. After I poured it, i was a little shocked to find very little head in the glass. What little head there was, had the color of coffee ice cream and stuck to the class gracefully. The brew has a deep chocolaty color that looks almost amber in color when held up to the light. Nutty notes are picked up with the first inhale. A hint of smokey flavor comes through as well and creates a pleasant mix with the nuttiness.

The first sip splashes across with a large amount of smokiness. After the smokey flavor kicks your taste buds into high gear, it fades away as quickly as it came leaving you with a mild hint of nutty and bitter flavor. Small bubbles pop on your tongue as it rolls to the back of your mouth.

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