Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Barrel Aging - Share your stories

I recently read an article on Appellation Beer about barrel aging. The premise of the article I thought was that barrel aging, while the outcome of this can be delicious, does not make a beer a good beer. The beer that you age needs to be good before you put it in the barrel. The fact that I was reading this story was ironic, because just a day earlier I had purchased from 1000 Oaks Barrel Co. a (very small) 2 liter American Oak barrel. The cool thing is that it comes with "essence" to make Kentucky Bourbon. I'm a bourbon fan, so I thought it was cool, not only because I could make Bourbon but because after, I could do an experiment and try and age my beer in the barrel. I'm hoping that I make up a great batch before I age it, but we'll see. the spirit of Appellation Beers post and my purchase, I'm inviting you all to post your comments on any barrel aging you've done. Post your tips, secrets and just some fun stories and I'll make sure I publish them all (if appropriate). I'm looking forward to reading your posts.


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