Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beer Lovers Are Good People!!!

I was recenlty surfing the beer blogging world and came across a great blog, BostonBeerMan. After reading through Jim's blog I noticed he teaches a class down the road from my house about beer appreciation, so I thought I'd email him and find out more. I told him I was a brewer and had a dream of opening a brewery some day and his response did two things for me.

" I really do wish you luck in your quest to start a brewery - I will bellie up to the bar on opening day!

At first glance I smiled and thought, this guy is great. What other niche/industry can you find people excited about other people starting a new business in that market and wishing you luck?? You wouldn't find a grocery store owner psyched about someone he met online who was going to try and open up another grocery store, would you? Then I thought to myself, I can really do this. I can really open a brewery and I could have lots of support from people I barely know! Right then and there, I knew I picked the right business to try and tap into!

So, Jim....if you read this, I'm raising a pint to you! Thanks for your support!!

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