Saturday, February 20, 2010

Harpoon 100 Barrel Serises: Island Creek Oyster Stout

I've been out of the loop for a while now. My new job is a little more demanding than my previous one, so posting at work is not possible anymore. I'm trying to be better, so you'll hopefully start seeing more posts out of me.

Harpoon has been doing a series of beers called the 100 Barrel Series. They're small batch beers that were originally started as experiments for the harpoon brewers and employees. Some of the beers they've turned out have been amazing, Session 28: Glacier Harvest '09 Wet Hop Ale and Session 4: Barleywine specifically and others, Session 26 - Catamount Maple Wheat, I didn't enjoy as much. So when I saw adds for Session 30: Island Creek Oyster Stout I had to try it. The description sounds both frightening, and exciting as well.
"This smooth stout is brewed with freshly harvested Island Creek Oysters. The roasted nostes of the stout blend beautifully with the mineral flavors of the oysters." actually brewed this beer with real oysters???? I'm scared......but I have to try it! Hopefully I don't get any sand in my bottle! :-)

Appearance: Black! Very black! Perfect 2.5 finger coffee/tan colored head. As it sits, the foam becomes frothy, almost like the cream on the top of a cappuccino. Head laces nicely on the glass as I drink it down.

Aroma: Nice roasted malt aroma mixes well with hints of coffee and butterscotch.

Flavor: Just as it smelled, the roasted malt packs a nice punch without being overpowering. Chocolate and caramel are evident and play a nice wingman to the roasted malt. Part of me thinks I can taste the ocean, but the other part thinks my mind is playing tricks on me. No bitterness.

Mouthfeel: This is a chewy and full bodied beer as I expected. Silky smooth as it coats my mouth.

Drinkability: This beer was fantastic. Although, I think you could put this side by side with the same beer but brewed without the oysters and I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. I was a little nervous at first....I wasn't sure what a beer brewed with Oysters tastes like, but it's damn good! Now I wish I could have found more than one of these. Definitely go try one if you find it.