Friday, February 15, 2008

Sam Adams Lends a hand....and some Hops!!

I recently read this on the Appellation Beer Blog, I can't tell you how awesome this is! Jim Koch has to be the most UN-selfish person in the industry. Well, i'm sure there are others like him, but he has the ability to pull this off, all the while being a public company!! very impressive!! Kudos!! This is the email that went out Brewers Associate members yesterday.

From: Jim Koch/Hop Sharing
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 9:22
Subject: Boston Beer Hop Sharing

For a couple of months now, we've all been facing the unprecedented hops shortage and it's affected all craft brewers in various ways. The impact is even worse on the small craft brewers--openings delayed, recipes changed, astronomical hops prices being paid and brewers who couldn't make beer.

So we looked at our own hops supplies at Boston Beer and decided we could share some of our hops with other craft brewers who are struggling to get hops this year. We're offering 20,000 pounds at our cost to brewers who need them.

Specifically, we are able to spare 10,000 pounds of East Kent Goldings from Tony Redsell, a top English grower featured by Michael Jackson in Michael Jackson's Beer Companion (page 75 has a picture) and 10,000 pounds of the German Noble hop Tettnang Tettnanger from small farms in the Tettnang region in Germany. These are both type 90 pellets from the 2007 crop and are the exact same hops we brew our own beers with. We're not looking to make money on this so we're selling them at our cost of $5.72 a pound plus $.75 a pound to cover shipping and handling for the Goldings and $5.42 per pound plus $.75 a pound to cover shipping and handling for the Tetts.

They're packed in 22# foil bags, boxed four bags to a box in 88 lb. boxes and will be shipped from cold storage.The purpose of doing this is to get some hops to the brewers who really need them. So if you don't really need them, please don't order them. And don't order them just because we're making them available at a price way below market. Order them because you need these hops to make your beer. We're not asking questions, so let your conscience be your guide.A few mechanics--until we know how much need there is, we've put a maximum out there of 6 boxes per brewer, which is 528 pounds. You can order less in 88 pound increments. You pay shipping.

If we get more orders than the 20,000 pounds, we'll have a lottery. We will be putting the basic information to order, some faqs and the actual offer on our website in the next day or so, probably no later than Tuesday. Look for "Hop-Sharing Program" on the front page of the site.We hope this will make brewing a little easier for those hardest hit by the hop shortage."

Jim Koch, Boston Beer Company



Anonymous said...

I applaud the well intentions here. I am afraid though that what will happen is unscrupulous people will simply buy and resell the hops. Maybe if they only took orders for some amount useable by home-grown brewers and not in quantities worth selling it might work, but 500lbs @ ~$5 per pound is going to get some attention.

Good luck and wow.. you go Sam Adams.

Charles Boyer said...

What would be AWESOME is if Jim Koch would release a percentage of the hops out for homebrewers. This is especially true considering that Koch got his start hobby brewing.

Anonymous said...

To Sam Adams Brewers, Kudos, you guys make world class beer and are helping Americans hold their heads up high in international beer conversations. The price I pay for Boston Lager is well worth it, and now I feel even better for patronizing the Sam Adams brewing Co. Keep up the good work guys, and thanks again for taking pride in your beer and craft...

Andrew said...

I heard about this a few days ago while talking to my beer distributor. After he told me about it, I went back and grabbed a case of SA--I support local breweries, but I also support those who support local breweries. Karma will take care of the rest.

nfisheremti said...

Hey guys,
I just wanted to say this is great. I hope brewers who need them, can get them. Good luck to all.

Warthog Brewing Company
Park City, UT

Randy Patterson said...

I only buy beer from Sam Adams from now on. This is a pretty awesome story.

Andrew Kirch said...

Ok, this makes up for you attempting to sue some guy named Sam Adams that was running for Mayor. I'll drink Sam Adams again.

Anonymous said...

Jim Koch - hell of a guy!

Steve said...

Mr. Koch, as a home-brewer who's seen the price of hops take a huge jump and endured the effects, I salute you!

I have been to your small brewery in Boston and seen the first class operation in progress. I had no reason to suspect you were not personally behind the quality I saw in that place, and the in the quality of each bottle/glass of Sam Adams beer I have quaffed. This is icing on the cake, sir.

May you and your enterprises continue to prosper!