Monday, September 7, 2009

2009 Hop Harvest

Happy Labor day!! I harvested my hops today. I got 2.45 oz. (wet) from the cascade and about 6 cones from the centennial. They are now drying. I'm hoping to get at least and oz. to use, which I'm sure I will.




Adam said...

Awesome! Did you enter the contest to win homegrown hops at my blog? Maybe we could try an experiment next year when we both have bigger harvests. We could brew the same beer with Cascade from two different places.

Also, did you decide the topic for September's Fermentation Friday? Lets get one out there so we can let it roll around in our heads for a while.

Jason said...

Hey Adam,
I did enter to win, as well as try and give some advice. I'd love to brew with some good homegrown hops!!

I have thought about a few topics so I will post one either today or tomorrow so people can start thinking about it.


Adam said...

Don't mind me. Bad memory on my part. I'd like to blame it on age.

Looking forward to the topic :-)