Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Allagash Tripel Clone recipe

Although I only got 7 of you to vote, it looks like the Allagash Tripel clone is the winner. I'll be brewing this on Sunday so I'll post a full report on Monday with stats and how the brew day went. For those of you who want the recipe, it is below. It is in the July-August 2008 issue of Brew Your Own Magazine along with recipes for Ommegang Witte Clone, Lost Abbey Devotion Ale Clone, Two Brothers Domaine DuPage Clone and Red Rock Brewing Pecome Blonde Clone. This is a great magazine that always has great recipes and articles about technique and ingredients. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for some home brewing magazines to read/subscribe to.

Allagash Tripel Clone:

12.8 lbs (5.8 kg) Pilsner malt
1.6 lbs (.73 kg) sucrose

2 oz (57 g) German Tettnang hops (4% AA, 60 minutes)
.4 oz (11 g) Hallertau Mittelfruh hops (whirlpool)

Wyeast 1762 (Belgian Abbey Ale II) or Wyeast 3787 (Trappist High Gravity) or White Labs WLP510 (Belgian Bastogne Ale)

Mash at 153 F (67 C). Boil for 90 minutes. Add sugar for final 15 minutes. Add whirlpool hops at end of boil. Ferment at high end of yeast strain's recommended range.



Christopher Falk said...

Hey Jason-

How did your Tripel turn out? I just brewed Jamil's Tripel and it's bubbling away here in the living room. It was a toss up for me for recipes between that one and the BYO Allagash clone. They're a local favorite here in Portland.

Jason said...

Hey Chris,
I haven't popped one open yet, but I tasted it when I bottled and it was great!! I am really excited because it had a great vigorous fermentation and finished at 1.009. I have become a true believer of starters and I am now going to make one for every bacth. It definitely helped this one out!!

We'll have to trade once your batch is done. Email me if you want to swap.