Friday, November 21, 2008

Press Releases

So...from time to time, you might start seeing press releases from Pike Brewing Co. Linda Stratton, from Pike emailed me and asked if I would post them and even though I have yet to have one (she is sending me a sampler of their beers) I feel that if I could help spread the word about craft beer, I should. I know I have at least 4 readers so if 4 people are informed about something, then I guess it worked. And if you've had any of Pikes beers, let me know your thoughts.



jfaul14 said...

How can I get some??

Jason said...

I'll let you know when they get here and I'll bring one over.

She told me they are getting ready to sell in CT, but not in MA yet. I'll let you know when that happens.

Brian said...

I like to stop by their brewery when showing people around Seattle, they have some good beers, their Wit beer is one of the few of the genre that I can enjoy. KiltLifter is good too! I have to get down there this weekend and see if they are sold out of this Pike Entire.. Sounds amazing!