Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catching up

It's been a few weeks since I've last posted, but I haven't been able to brew since TAFTHBD so I haven't had much to write about. A few things have happend since then. Firts, my company laid off 1500 people in the first of 3 rounds of layoffs. Thankfully I was spared for now. Second, I tasted my first all-grain batch (American Brown Ale) the other night and I was very pleased. Great sweetness from the carmel malts, and just the right amount of bitterness I was looking for. The was some bready/malty flavors that I think came from the munich malt and it was a little darker than expected, but still great. Next time, I will leave out the munich and use some cara-pils for better body. This beer had good carbonation and head retention, just didn't have the prickly co2 bubbles in the drink itself. I'll post a proper review when I get a chance.3

Also, we're bottling up the APA from TAFTHBD this weekend. My friend is very excited since this is his first beer, and I am too since I only have to split it with one other person! More beer for me!

I posted a question on the tastybrew forum about when I should bottle my Winter ale. So, I will ask you, my readers, as well. I brewed this beer in early October and it's still in the carboy aging. Should I continue to age it in bulk in the carboy, or bottle now and let it sit until christmas? My plan is to age it until christmas regardless of where, but I'm curious to see if it is better to age all togther, or in seperate "batches" in each bottle. Let me know you're thoughts!



Ted Danyluk said...

Good luck keeping your day job. Congratulations on your all-grain brown ale, it sounds tasty. If you are just bottling this Christmas brew, just go ahead and bottle. If you've already put more yeast into the secondary, then your suspended yeast should be fine. If not, adding yeast to bigger beers with extended aging will ensure full carbonation.

Jason said...

Thanks for the Input Ted. I am overall very happy with the beer. Just a small tweak next time I brew.

I am going to bottle it, so I'll probably do that tomorrow since I'm going to be bottling anyway.