Thursday, March 25, 2010

I miss blogging.........

I have given myself a new goal......actualy 2 new goals. 1. Brew more and 2, Blog more!

I've had 2 pretty significant life changing events happen to me this year....first, in January, I left my old company for which I had been at for 9 and a half years and started a new job. Second, and more importantly, I became a father!

Both experiences have been awesome. I wouldn't trade them for anything. hasn't left much time for the 2 B's. I knew I wouldn't brew too much early on, but I never expected that I would slow...or almost stop....blogging!

So, I will once again try to blog AT LEAST once a week.

Tonight's post.....a review of Mayflower IPA. Hope you all have a chance to grab one!

Appearance: Amber/Copper in color. Nice 2 finger head that laces at first, but mid glass seems to dissipate.

Aroma: Slightly malty with nice citrus hops aroma. very nice and what I expect and IPA should be.

Taste: Nice bitterness from the hops is immediatley noticable. Not hugely bitter, but enough to remind you it's an IPA. the beer balances nicely with some bready and roasty malt flavor. Great mix.

Mouthfeel: Easy to drink. This beer goes down great and leaves you longing for more. carbonation is just right where your tongue gets prickled, but not like you're drinking a soda way too fast.

Drinkablility: Thank you bartender.....may I have another! I guess when you cruise through a 6 pack in an evening, it's a good beer!

Overall: A This is one of my new favorite IPA's. It helps that it's local, here in MA. I can't wait to get to the brewery!


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