Monday, August 17, 2009

Craft Brewing Statistics

The Brewers Association released it's mid-year numbers today. The press release is located on their web site, click here to view the full release.

Some highlights:
  • Dollar growth from craft brewers during the first half of 2009 increased 9%, down from 11% growth during the same period in 2008.
  • Volume of craft brewed beer sold grew 5% for the first six months in 2009, compared to 6.5% growth in the first half of 2008.
  • The U.S. now boasts 1,525 breweries, the highest number in 100 years when consolidation and the run up to Prohibition reduced the number of breweries to 1,498 in 1910
The last point has me thinking a lot. First, for the craft beer industry this is fantastic! The US has more breweries than any other nation. The American Craft beer movement has taken hold and clearly doing well!! But from my side of the fence, I start to re-think my plans for my future. Is the market becoming saturated? Right now, I would say no but in a few years with the growth rate we're seeing, it will be very tough, even tougher than it is now, to open a new brewery. Now, that's not to say I'm giving up, but it just means I need to really focus on providing a product that stands out from the rest!



Rob said...

Wondering if the hop and Grain prices over the last few years have had an effect in the net growth. I'm sure it's affected the bottom line. Love the stats.

Thanks for the heads up.


Jason said...

I'm sure that and the economy had something to do with it.