Monday, December 29, 2008

Brew Years Resolution

In the spirit of the new year, I've decided to put together a list of my 2009 new years beer resolutions.

1. Brew at least once a month.
2. Enter more homebrew competitions (in order to get better feedback about my beer)
3. Finish my business plan (if I'm ever going to get this business started, i need to finish it)
4. Learn and understand more about water composition in certain styles
5. Buy a grain mill so I can start buying bulk grain
6. Find a place to store the grain
7. Post more on the blog (goes with brewing more)
8. Post more educational information about brewing (for the beginner readers I have)

So....I know that's a lot, but I figure if I can get half of those done, then I've accomplished a lot. I hope you all had a great holiday and have a happy new year. I'm brewing my Belgian Wit tomorrow so I'll post the recipe and notes after.

Also, I finally popped my Winter spiced ale with a few friends over Christmas, and it was a big hit. My brother and I were very excited as you can see. When I originally tasted the first a few weeks ago, the cinnamon was overpowering, but the extra time in the bottle really allowed the cinnamon to mellow and balance very well with the nutmeg and ginger. I was very please, although Christmas night I had a few too many of them and had a hard time walking home. Oh well!!

Cheers and Happy New Year!!



Mark Andersen said...

#4 is also one of my goals this year. I also may get involved with one of the homebrew clubs here on the Cape for #2.

I bought a grain mill a few months ago and it was well worth. I found I get a better wort out of grains crushed the same day that I mash. At least it seems that way. I'm also thinking about storing sacks of grain but every time I shop online for them I realize that my greed and ambition will cause me to spend over $200 on grain and then I'll find that I have way more than I need.

Jason said...

Mark, I think Cape Cod Beer has a homebrew club called CLAMS. I'd like to join one, but the closest to my house is about 25 minutes away. Not the best drive after a few beers.

The grain mill is definitely my next big purchase. I just bought a Co2 tank and regulator and I'm in the process of buying either a blichman beer gun or a counter pressure bottle filler. I'm still not sure which, but thats coming in the next week or so.