Friday, July 11, 2008

BBC - Framingham

It was much to my delight, that last night while driving down rt. 9 in Framingham I saw the beginings of the newest British Beer Company location. If you've ever been to a BBC, then you know how great a beer bar it is. It has a large selection of beers from around the world. Mark Anderson wrote about it on his blog, Beer Paradise. I have only been to the location in Hyannis, and I was very pleased. It definitely doesn't compare to Bukowski's in Boston, but it made me smile.

Two great things for the area, 1) prior to this, there is only one brewpub in the area to go to. 2) it provides a little competition for the only other brewpub in that area, which I hope will improve the beer made at John Harvards and the selection from the BBC as they battle it our for ownership of the Natick Mall stretch of Rt. 9. If any of you are familiar with this stretch, there are too many restaurants to count, but up until now John Harvards was the only brewpub.

I'm looking forward to having a little more selection now when I want a good beer and some good food. Can't wait to see it finished and the doors open!!




Mark Andersen said...

I didn't realize they are expanding to Framingham. I was at the one in Walpole last week. Impressive beer selection even if it is expensive. The wife and I are going to the one in Hyannis tommorrow night.

Jason said...

Yeah, I'm excited to see some more good beer bars and brewpubs around my area. I usually hit the one in Hyannis once a year when I'm down at my folks house.

Mark Andersen said...

Next time you're in Hyannis shoot me an email and I'll meet you for a pint at the BBC.

I was happy to see they had O'Hara's Irish Stout on tap.

Anonymous said...

Trivia brings in a big crowd at the one in Walpole on Sunday nights.I played and it was a blast(we came in second)The trivia was very well run, unlike some of the other B.B.C.'s which just had some questions and no picture round. The questions were a lot better at Walpole too.