Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sam Adams Irish Red

A) Poured from a bottle into a beer clean pint glass. Clean, light brown frothy head formed in the glass. The beer was a deep red color, as it should be.

S) Smelled of sweet maltiness. a mild hop bitterness was present.

T) First sip was a mouthful of pleasant maltiness. Hints of caramel came through. Hop bitterness appears towards the end of the sip as expected. Very good balance of malt and hop bitterness.

M) Carbonation was great. Bubbles were present with every sip and held through the end of the mouthful.

D) Great beer. Again, Jim Koch over at Sam Adams has created a fantastic beer. After the first one, I was scrambling to my fridge to grab another. This is probably one of my top 5 from Sam Adams.



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