Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Food Magazine Promotes Beer

Brilliant Brews
A colleague of mine is a little bit of a foodie and she subscribes to a few different food magazines.  One of these is called Saveur.  It's very similar to Beer Advocate, but it's about food.  It's a really nice magazine.  One of the really cool things I saw was that in the current issue that she brought in for us to check out, there were a few articles talking about craft beer!!!
So, after seeing the magazine, I thought I should check out their website, and to my delight, they have a "Wine & Drink" section with a whole subsection for beer.  There are beer articles from previous issues, reviews, and other general writing about brewery's and brewers!!  So, because I was so impressed, I thought I'd pass it on.  For those interested in pairing beers and food and have a general interest in both beer and food, here is the link! 
Cheers, and Bon Appétit!!!

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